Three Tips for Cooking Perfect Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops
Lamb Chops

A financial professional, Shelly Grant dedicates her days to serving clients at Principal Financial Group. In her spare time, Shelly Grant enjoys cooking and prefers preparing lamb chops.

When cooking lamb chops, keep the following in mind.

Resting. Prior to going in the oven, lamb chops should rest at room temperature for a minimum of one hour for optimal results. After cooking, the chops can be left in an oven set to low to keep warm until you are ready to serve.

Pan Size. Achieve delicious browning by selecting a pan large enough to cook the chops. For four lamb chops, an 11-inch frying pan is suitable. This ensures no crowding occurs, which is a key component for browning.

Cook Time. On medium-high heat, lamb chops take approximately seven minutes to cook on the first side. Pressing them gently into the pan with a pair of tongs helps to evenly brown the meat. Then, flip the meat and repeat the process for an additional three to five minutes, depending on the size of your chops and the temperature preferred.


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